The Exciting History of Online Penny Slots

Because casinos need to make many different games and wagering limits available in order to cater to the largest possible demographic, it comes as no real surprise that the history of penny slots is quite long and interesting. The first machines that were ever developed, including the original Liberty Bell back in the 1800s, accepted pennies as the only form of currency. They were introduced to Vegas casinos bonuses and pubs in the early 1900s and this is what really set the industry ablaze. In fact, the original manufacturer was in over his head and had to collaborate with other manufacturing facilities just to meet the demands of the public.

Another thing regarding the history of penny slots that some people find amusing is that the first casinos often advertised them as a "woman's game" because the risks, as well as the returns, were actually quite low. Of course, as time went by, the machines themselves were modernized. Levers were exchanged for buttons, and then the buttons were exchanged for fully-functional touchscreens. Multiple paylines and coin denominations were added later on, and this made the betting range wide enough to satisfy just about any budget. Today, penny fantasy themed slotsaren't what they used to be. While it's possible to spend as little as a cent per spin, some of them will allow users to stake upward of $1000 in hopes of winning a huge jackpot. They come in literally hundreds of themes of microgaming slots and styles and are made available by dozens of different software providers, so no matter what someone is looking for in their experience, they are sure to find it.